Aktions Übertragung: Dust from Perinetkeller, Wien to Ruble Street, Chicago
28th February 2014

Collaborative action: George William Price & Nicole Prutsch
00:07:00, Digital Video Documentation

Dust from Perinetkeller, Wien to Ruble Street, Chicago. One kilogramme of dust from Otto Mühl's former studio, a venue that played host to various events within Viennese actionism (1960-71), has been shipped to a nondescript apartment located on an industrial corridor in the shadow of downtown Chicago. The transposed material as malleable as the movement that created it.

Viennese Actionism was an impactful, if transitory, movement associated with the development of action and body art in Europe during the latter half of the Twentieth Century. These Actionists violently rejected the two dimensional canvas, adopting the body as a site of radical transgression and destructive physical actions.

Utilizing this transference of material across two continents, George William Price (Chicago) and Nicole Prutsch (Wien) attempt to translate this movement, now rendered to art history, into an era characterized by latent images, provisional networks and dematerialized cultural production.

The dust sits before a live image of the subterranean basement it was dispatched from. This image has been mediated through the immaterial network we call the Internet. The space around the unremarkable material remains inactive, until a presence becomes apparent within the projected frame. Simultaneously a live body enters the physical realm and together they perform ritualized repetitive actions interpreted through both the body and screen.