Body Mass Index, Chicago Urban Art Society, June-August 2015
Abel Guzmán, Ross Normandin, B. Quinn, and Mike Rubin

A central nexus for the multiple roles we undertake, the body is an open form of public collectivity, one that is continuously unfolding both within and beyond our own physical limits. An archive unto itself, the human body is the site where these practitioners have come to excavate the past, present, and future. Body Mass Index negotiates the concept of the body-image through material exploration of bodily traces and their analogs: a tan-stained gym towel, a solitary silicone mask, a wall smeared with margarine, and slick, hydrographic memories. In these physical and virtual artifacts we find the tentative limits of one’s own corporeality. Imprints of the artist’s body—be that linguistic, affective, or sensorial—question both its performing and performed limits. Body Mass Index expands the body—the weight of identity, the mass of sociality, and the density of form—into the realm of mediated reality.

Visual Art Source "Critic's Pick" by Robin Dluzen
"Ranging from the repulsive to the exquisite, the works in this exhibition each provide a unique visceral experience for the viewer."