Islands of the Sun, Chicago Artists Coalition, June-July 2016
Soheila Azadi, Jeremiah Jones, and Hillary Wiedemann

Through this exhibition Azadi, Jones, and Wiedemann create a lineage and, ultimately, an intergenerational conversation between those that have adopted and abandoned the strategies of utopian politics. These artists negotiate multiple exchanges: from Azadi’s performative story-telling and sculpture, and Jones’s collages of projected movement and color, to Wiedemann’s traversing of space through the manipulation of both natural and artificial light. These conversations can be articulated as fields of tension—from feminism to radical activism, astrology to astrophysics—with multiple points of entry and opinion, where knowledge and, more specifically, a self-reflexive knowledge is produced.

Islands of the Sun utilizes rhythm as a conceptual structure from which ideas can develop and disseminate. The unique rhythm of Islands of the Sun emerges between the continuity and discontinuity of time, memory, and visual perception—signified through its own manifestation in the works exhibited. Azadi, Jones, and Wiedemann have navigated in-between the spaces, cracks, and crevices of the gallery space—being moved by and moving others. This exhibition exists as an elaborate science fiction, a visceral celebration of the summer solstice, a beautiful psychedelic trip. Islands of the Sun embraces community, collective memory, and self-exploration as reflexive, rhythmic waveforms that forever cycle between acts of forgetting and remembering.