Roy G. Biv, Aurora Public Art Commission Gallery, June-July 2018

Sarah Bastress, Jory Drew, Stevie Hanley, Zachary Hutchinson, Daniel Luedtke, Luis Mejico, Amina Ross, Anna Showers-Cruser, Leonard Suryajaya, and Caleb Yono

Roy G. Biv celebrates the full spectrum of LGBTQ artists and their experiences. The work—from video to painting, sculpture to textile—is as diverse as their identities. The group has come together to mark the historic occasion of Aurora’s inaugural Pride Parade. From its historic roots in the 19thcentury to its industrial development in the 20th, Aurora in the 21stcentury is now a multilayered and thriving community as heterogeneous as the country of which it is a microcosm.  

It is particularly fitting that Aurora would choose to launch its first Pride activities in this year, as we move towards 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City, which sparked the gay rights movement and inspired the very concept of a Pride Parade. As much as Pride has become a celebration, it started as a protest. From its beginning the Pride movement has been led by not only lesbians and gay men, but equally by bisexual, trans, Queer, and intersex people, as well as their allies. It has also always been a diverse movement racially and ethnically, as reflected in Roy G. Biv.

It is my hope that this exhibition will showcase the talent of these incredible artists. Throughout history LGBTQ people have used the arts as a vehicle for personal and political expression. From Michelangelo to Emily Dickinson, Chantal Akerman to David Wojnarowicz artistic expression has been a way for Queer artists to communicate challenging ideas and affect change. The artists in Roy G. Biv are not only producers of art but teachers, activists, and community organizers. These artworks are not produced in a vacuum, but reflect the communities in which they were conceived and made.

No matter how similar or different you may be from any one artist in this exhibition, you may be surprised at what might resonate with you in the work that they have chosen to exhibit. Art true is our lingua franca and is the means by which we express concepts and ideas that are too profound to be captured by words alone. We invite you to engage with these works, taking the time to explore their nuances and see them from different angles both literally and metaphorically. We thank you for your support and curiosity in visiting Roy G. Biv.

—George William Price, Curator