Ship of Fools, VDB TV, May-June 2016

Max Almy, Mike Kuchar, Tony Ousler, Tom Rubnitz, Sterling Ruby, Hester Scheurwater, and Jennet Thomas

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About Ship of Fools

In his seminal text Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason, philosopher Michel Foucault writes lyrically on Plato’s allegory of the ship of fools taken from Book VI of his Republic. Foucault fictitiously wrote of great ships that would transport society’s madmen, in their leaking bows, from port city to port city around the coast of mainland Europe. Sometimes these barges of the damned would come crashing ashore and release their human cargo out onto the jagged rocks below like a burst artery. It is this spillage of “likeminded” insanity and temporal dissonance that is explored throughout Ship of Fools. From the viscerally disturbed performance of Hester Scheurwater in her video Mama to the camp irony of Tom Rubnitz’s Pyskho III The Musical, each title wrestles with the subjects of family and addiction, death and dying, and social or physical movement. Continue reading.