What Does Performance Art Want?
June 2013, Wimbledon College of Art

What Does Performance Art Want? endeavored to explore the relationship between performance artists and London's cultural institutions. More specifically how does the art school help or hinder emerging performance and live art practitioners? 

This daylong festival consisted of various performances, from emerging (student and recent graduate) artists across London. A public luncheon to provide visitors, students, and artists a forum in which to discuss the current state of performance and live art in London. The day was closed with a screening of Vito Acconci's Command Performance.

Adam Castle | Adrianna Maria Borucka | Daniella Vg | George William Price | Josefina Neilmarkka | Josh Breach | Kaajel Patel
Kate Mahony | Kayleigh Handley | Laura Dee Milnes | Rosa Farber | Selina Herbert Ogilvy